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Training Recovery After 40

training recovery


As we age our body slows the healing process in our muscles and connective tissues. This makes training recovery increasingly important in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.



There is no reason not to continue living an active lifestyle, working out, running races and staying fit, as you age. However, even if we don’t like to admit it, we have to be aware of the changes that happen in our body as we age and how that impacts our physical activity. While training recovery may have meant a day off, followed by a light day, and then back into hard workouts, our bodies need more time to recover as we age. More time than we may even want to admit.

In the article “Fast After 40: Master Your Recovery”, from, they outline how recovery times change as we age. Below are just two of the graphs they provide to illustrate the importance of recovery times.

Training Recovery

training recovery

training recovery


The  “Fast After 40: Master Your Recovery” article has wondering information and a detailed plan to ensure your body is getting enough recovery time. Visit and read the article. It’s not one to be missed, even for those runners who are impervious to the effects of aging.